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Tag Team Madness2(pg37)

April 18, 2019 in Tag Team Madness2
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Tag Team Madness2(pg37)
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Author Notes:

jerrie April 18, 2019 edit delete
Masked Americana and ChickFighter appears courtesy of ChickFighter!(chickfighter@deviantart.com)
Chickfighter also posts her own Webcomic here!!!! visit her page!

this issue also guest stars some other friends I've made….

Alena you have already met…an OC of Johnny Suede:

Fighting Lisa is an Deviantart writer…she writes great female fight stories:

Liz Claws is an artist/writer from devianart. her fight stories are also awesome!

Last…but NOT least, by ANY means…is Roby. if you follow my comics, you see Roby in a LOT of them. shes been an awesome supporter of my comics…from WAY back…and I ALWAYS try to find a way to include her in EVERY comic I do.shes always encouraging me, always has a kind word to say, just great person period…and an avid comics fan!